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We’ve made an inhuman exchange in this country: our health for economic growth.

It’s no longer news that the old Empire-monopolized “get ’em in and out quick” healthcare system is broken. Abdicating power over our physical well-being to the pharmaceutical industrial complex and big insurance companies isn’t working. We can only hope that old thing is going the way of the stone wheel. We now know that the body is more than a machine to be fixed. We must treat ourselves as whole human beings.

All signs are that we’re approaching a tipping point, thank goodness. What to do in the meantime?

The old adage of “put your oxygen mask on yourself first” applies. We all must become our own heroes for now – doctors and patients alike. And we must all begin telling new stories. We can create new models from the stronger, holistic way of looking at healing the human body.

The goal of White Horse Medicine is re-wilding the soul and re-indigenizing the heart of healthcare for everyone – patient, practitioner, and system. So we all get well.

More about my contributions to the evolution of this new way of delivering healthcare can be found in the services outlined on the pages linked below.

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