White Horse Medicine™ spiritual healing, Energy Medicine, and small group classes are designed to help stimulate your body’s natural healing response, develop your own internal guidance system, tap into a greater sense of joy, cultivate self care, and get to the bottom of your health crisis. 

Rekindle your wild soul and sense of deep belonging through classes sharing earth honoring ritual and the arts, animism, ancestral recovery, and bioregional awareness (bloom where you’re planted!) All of these facets are a proven part of a good self care plan.

My mission is re-indigenizing the heart of healthcare for everyone – patient, practitioner, and system. So we all get well. We don’t have to accept the status quo in healthcare.

More about my contributions to the evolution of this new way of delivering healthcare can be found on the pages linked below.

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I am so grateful to you for such a wonderful program…the group really connected with you and the content. I was really proud to offer the Seton Cove community your particular program since last week so many US cities recognized Indigenous Peoples Day. I agree, the Western world really needs earth-honoring wisdom.

Will Fiorello, Seton Cove

You have a way of making Andean spirituality really interesting and very accessible. Your description of your teacher’s tradition and the world that he comes from was a powerful reminder that deep connection to the natural world is something that all our ancient ancestors shared. That need to deeply connect to nature still seems very relevant today.

Jeanne Cook, Austin, TX
You inspire me not only from what you have done to heal yourself, but you are very supportive of my health and well-being. Allison, you make a difference in many people’s lives.
M.S., Houston, TX
Your voice and your presence is so powerful. Your kindness and understanding helped me survive this horrific experience and will give me the strength to make change going forward.
E. G. , Austin, TX
You are a bright star in the skies bringing light to South America with your skills, experience and big heart. I see in you one of your roles in this incarnation as Connector and Weaver of Light. Penelope Eicher, Heart Walk Foundation
Penelope Eicher, Heart Walk Foundation
Your presentation was a big hit. You are doing great things with White Horse Medicine. The impact of this program will be far reaching.
D.C., Mount Vernon, AR
Thank you so much for the support. I almost cried…a happy cry. I truly thank you for helping me with this problem!

Y. W., Austin, TX

A note of thanks for sharing your observations, perspective, and wisdom with me.  Being inspired, I followed your guidance and my desired outcome was fully realized!

J. J., Houston, TX