Speaking the truth is so important to me. Yet speaking up about an injustice that we’re not sure other people want to discuss is a hard thing; especially for a woman.

Assertive women get such a bad rap. When we say things that others perceive as difficult or unpleasant we get called names. When men do it, they’re being leaders. At least this was often my experience as a younger woman. Lately that seems to be changing.

This past week I was blessed to have my frankness about the subject I spoke up about well received. And I was able to help a friend and cherished client out of a bad situation that was draining his well being.

Many people around this client had witnessed the same thing I had witnessed but felt powerless to do anything about it. Knowing they had already spoken up made it more difficult for me to make the decision to bring my own concerns into my dialogue with this client; however, because I know that we can never really know whether one more observation about an unhealthy situation might be the thing to tip the scales I ventured into the difficult discussion with a clear heart. I held no expectation about the outcome. I just knew I had to communicate my concern.

The blessing in all of this is that at a time in my life when I needed to be needed, I was.  My client admitted I was right and empowered me instantly to step in and do something about the horrific situation.  So in the end I was able to deliver this person that I care about from a case of verbal and emotional bullying and potentially criminal elder abuse.

The fact that everyone involved graciously thanked me over and over for my forthrightness and the risk that I took truly made me feel that I had been of service;  not only to not only another human being but his extended circle of family and associates.

All I had to do was speak my mind and then do something when I was asked to.

The gift of this experience was priceless.


{Photo: This frolicking little girl captured playing freely outside reminds me how carefree I want to be about speaking up when I feel strongly about something.}