SetoncovelogoIs it possible to restore life balance over lunch? Seton Cove, the Spirituality Center for the Seton Healthcare family would like to think that mindful changes can happen in small moments, so why not at lunch? Simple, rejuvenating practices will be shared and discussed with ample opportunity to practice.

Please join me for a lunch hour presentation as a part of Seton Cove’s Tuesday Restoring Balance Luncheon on Tuesday, October 20 from noon to 1pm. Lunch is included!


• $15.00 – Boxed Lunch Everyone (order must be placed with greater than 24hrs notice)
• $13.50  – Boxed Lunch for Seton Employees and Non-profits (order must be placed with greater than 24hrs notice)
• $5.00  –  Program only (order can be placed anytime)

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I’ll share stories and photos of my experiences with Q’ero mysticism, including a recent week spent with my teacher, a wisdomkeeper from the high Andes region of Peru.

Topics include:

• Why the western world so desperately needs earth-honoring indigenous wisdom, especially at this time in our history.
• The science behind this tradition’s efficacy for the western mind.
• Why the high priests of this lost culture, descendants of the mighty Inca civilization, now travel the world to share wisdom that until recently remained hidden for centuries.


Photo ::  Photo of Q’ero priests courtesy of Heart Walk Foundation