It’s taken a couple of weeks but I think I’m FINALLY adjusting to the spring time change. My body and internal clock have fought it kicking and screaming and I think we’ve finally worked out a deal so I can get some sleep!

After several years of writing, working, and dreaming, I’m thrilled to announce that White Horse Medicine is going to flower fully with the spring roses. As I’m winding down my 15-year communication practice over the next few months, my dream to share mindfulness, the healing power of story and the arts, and energy medicine is becoming my sole focus. White Horse Medicine now has a new, larger home at Soma Vida perfect for the classes I’ve been preparing to share with you!

As in the past, we’ll hold some smaller intensives and sessions at the office of Dr. Julie, my sister in healing. And to accommodate larger workshops and build community around the principles of living well, Soma Vida is the perfect setting. Located just off IH-35 at 11th Street, this charming 1940’s era former home was designed with building wellness community as its sole mission. Beautiful gardens, soothing colors, and spaces for everything White Horse Medicine needs make it a natural choice.

I look forward to sharing more about my new self care classes designed to promote deeper states of healing and well-being based on The 7 Principles of White Horse Medicine™:

  1. Balance mind & body
  2. Dance with nature
  3. Master your emotions
  4. Express yourself
  5. Renew your spirit
  6. Write your own story
  7. Be your own hero

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And if you know a veteran interested in self-regulation training and mindfulness please spread the word. Veterans always attend free. Always.

See you soon!


Photo :: White Horse Medicine’s new classroom spaces at Soma Vida