Following in Big Footsteps

In both my own 35-year healing journey and my professional studies, I’ve worked with some amazing trailblazers. In order to integrate good medical care with true spiritual healing, I’ve always sought outside the box thinkers no matter what it takes – often driving cross country or hopping on planes to work with someone I felt had unique genius. A few of the influences I’ve been blessed to have been touched by deeply include: 

In addition to these people and more, much of my teaching and coaching activities incorporate the work of the following two long term mentors.

Energy Medicine & Intuition | C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

Shealy-miss-st-univ-crThe moment I read in intuition pioneer Carolyn Myss’s books on energetic anatomy about her partner Norm Shealy, a Duke-educated, Harvard-trained neurosurgeon, I knew he held the keys for me. Incomplete spinal cord injury was so rare 3 decades ago that every doctor I talked to just scratched his head. It was lonely and exhausting.

Integrating energy work and intuitive guidance with conventional medicine was equally rare when I first healed myself using visualization, meditation, and my own intuitive downloads in 1985.

(Norm and I’ve talked often of intuitive downloads. He, in fact, regaled an Austin audience recently with his dialogue with God when he was “given” the Bliss elemental formulas!)

Having a completely integrative mindset since 1985, I was on my own until Norm came into my life. You can bet the moment I found out that there was a neurosurgeon on the planet that actually co-pioneered the science of medical intuition I picked up the phone. And then got in my car and drove to Missouri. That was in 1999. He has been one of my most important advisors ever since.

Spending time in Springfield to learn and integrate the Shealy Protocols into my life allowed me to live well and drug free, even with daily pain for decades. In 2016, I got my marching orders from Norm to get on with the unique work furthering Integrative Medicine that we’d discussed for so many years.

In a recent development Norm has translated his ground-breaking work with electrical currents into a more efficient, faster-to-use modality using essential oils on the same acupuncture meridians utilized by the LISS stimulator that I used for years. It’s brilliant and quick and – it works. Ask me to share the science!

Earth-Honoring Healing Wisdom | Don Mariano Quispe Flores

dmqf2There are many teachers of Andean mysticism and indigenous healing wisdom. A few years ago, after decades of my own inspired yet “made up” Druidic path, I felt an unmistakable imperative to study with a Q’ero elder. I was soon blessed to have exactly that opportunity. It was an experience that I relished for more than 3 years.

The Andean path was an instant fit for me with the techniques and experiences I’ve had since my near death experience 30 years ago, most of which was gifted to me intuitively.

The teachings, rites and initiations that I received from Q’ero elder don Mariano Quispe Flores and his ancestral Inka p’aqokuna lineage planted seeds of deep wisdom for me. What bloomed, however, was rather unexpected – a wholehearted return to the Celtic path of my own Northwestern European ancestors.

That said, a slight Andean flavor to some of my ritual and ceremonial work may stick. For someone who’s talked to flowers and rocks her whole life, the despacho ceremony and mesa work just fit.

I think my ancestors would approve. I’ve always beat my own drum!

Read don Mariano’s biography.

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