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If you’re not carrying [your] indigeneity with you, you’re vulnerable to get sick, because somebody else will tell you what your culture is. And when somebody else tells you what your culture is you start hurting other people because you don’t have your true moral compass.

–  Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade

As a follow up to the November class on Ancestral Healing, February’s Restoring Balance Luncheon topic will be on the concept of ancestral recovery and ethnoautobiography. Embracing our own deep culture is powerful medicine.

This process of cultural recovery and celebration helps us to better discern our inner voices for peace and the voices of our ancestors, offer forgiveness for the traumas of our histories, and reconcile with our natural born inheritance – our own Indigenous mind.

Various ticket prices for both lunch and brown bag options are available on the Restoring Balance Luncheon page.

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