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A Program in BookWoman’s monthly “Getting to Know the Goddess” Series
Hosted by Linda Webster

Ancient ceremonies and wisdom passed down for generations are making their way from the Peruvian Andes into the western world due to a belief that our blessed Mother Earth, or Pachamama, needs each of us to embody the divine feminine more than ever before.

A Ñusta is a nature goddess representing archetypal feminine energies in the Andean cosmology. Allison will share stories of Pachamama and the seven Inkan nature goddesses or Ñustakuna (plural) gleaned from her relationship with the indigenous Q’ero people of Peru. This wisdom, as well as the seeds or initiation rites of the Ñusta Karpay, was transmitted to Allison by Q’ero elder don Mariano Quispe Flores.

Allison Peacock is part of a modern day shamanic resurgence being passed on unselfishly and with purpose from remote indigenous healers to a new wave of 21st century medicine people working in cities and towns across the globe.

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