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Educational Resources

Andean Mysticism/Q’ero-Inka Shamanism

The following is a list of some great, trusted resources where you can learn more about the Q’ero people, as well as their mysticism and shamanic traditions. I’ve also included general Andean cosmology and mysticism resources that I consider close cousins of the path I teach.


Jose Huaman Turpo’s award-winning documentary, INKARRI: 500 Years of Resistance of the Incan Spirit in Peru is a great, inside look at the Q’ero people, told in their own words. It is available to watch free online.

The film, Paqo Andino is a hauntingly beautiful introduction to this path and the people who’ve practiced it for centuries. There is a nice trailer on this page and a link to buy or watch/rent the film for a reasonable price.

The Path of the Sun is a documentary series that covers both Q’ero mysticism and jungle shamanism around the practice of ayahuasca (which is not a part of the Andean/Q’ero path.) The Q’ero section, entitled Q’ero Mystics of Peru features a lovely interview with elders don Humberto Soncco Quispe and his wife, doña Bernadina, as well as interviews with several well known Western teachers of this path. I own the Director’s Cut version of this series and hold viewings at the request of members from time to time.

The Q’ero Channel on YouTube is curated by filmmaker Seti Gershberg.


10623744_1251021431593204_3825641082478126439_oThe definitive series of books for the serious student on this path is called The Path of the Energetic Mystic, Parts 1-4. In 2011, my teacher don Mariano Quispe Flores and another Q’ero paqo established a short-lived training program for a group of American and European students in Peru and in The Netherlands. Every word of what was taught was translated and transcribed and published in book form. These books are ONE OF A KIND. Due to the limited printing and the transitory nature of this program (no longer active) these books will become treasures for anyone who is serious about this path. They relate specifically to the lineage I teach and offer a rare chance to read the specific teachings of an elder in this tradition in his own words rather than something interpreted by an English speaking author. If you have questions or difficulty ordering these books, please contact me. I occasionally place orders, and/or have some on hand.

Other trusted books on Andean spirituality in general:

Masters of the Living Energy: The Mystical World of the Q’ero of Peru by Joan Parisi Wilcox

The Andean Codex by Dr. J.E. Williams

The Andean Cosmovision by Oakley Gordon

Note: if you purchase any of these books on Amazon, please use the Smile program. By noting Heart Walk Foundation on your Smile settings, HWF will get a donation from every purchase made on Amazon! This means that a small portion of your purchase goes directly back to the Q’ero villages in sacred reciprocity for their stewardship of this ancient wisdom for centuries, and in the harshest of conditions.


IMG_2060Although you may certainly use any heavy fabric you wish to build your mesa, students of this tradition around the world often use authentic Q’ero handwoven fabrics in order to relate as closely as possible to the ancient Inka tradition.

There are two parts to a mesa. The outer cloth is called a mestana and holds the sacred stones that are wrapped within in a small mesa or coca cloth with tassels on each corner. The whole thing is folded and tied with a hand-woven beaded tie.

I get my own textiles either from my teacher when he visits, or from Heart Walk Foundation. I usually have several HWF mestanas and cocas available for sale, with all proceeds going right back to the villages where they were purchased. Email for details.

Here’s a short video which illustrates how great the need is for this income to go back into the Q’ero villages who have preserved this medicine tradition for millennia. Textiles are the sole source of income for many families.

If your budget doesn’t allow for an authentic Q’ero-made textile there are some lovely things made and imported from Peru sold by the following two eBay stores that are far less expensive:

Maria De Peru
Christina’s Store

Glossary of Terms

For those who wish to incorporate Quechua words into their ceremony and invocations, there is a Quechua Primer for Mesa Carriers written by an anonymous source that is very helpful and free for personal use.

The Glossary of Terminology of the Shamanic & Ceremonial Traditions of the Inca Medicine Lineage as Practiced in the United States is full of helpful info and will help with learning the concepts.

Note: This glossary contains information and definitions of important concepts from both Andean and Jungle Inka practices.