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Contact Allison

For more information on my work and to read recommendations from people who’ve worked with me, please visit my Linkedin profile.

Please see a few of my most frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.

If you’re interested in taking a class, transforming your medical or wellness business, scheduling a healing, or booking me to teach or speak at your event please get in touch by emailing allison “at” allisonpeacock “dot” com.


Check through some frequently asked questions and then send Allison a message if you don’t see what you need.

I’ve been doing websites since the dawn of the internet. And print design just as long. Digital technology has changed both. DIY tools are everywhere. And there are only so many ways to arrange information on a page.

The clients I work with usually need the full breadth of my expertise: Fortune 500 graphic design skills, Cox Media editorial skills, 3+ decades entrepreneurial experience, and ability to strategize on behalf of clients that I get to know well. My best client relationships are based on long term, consistent need for brand oversight or content management.

For me to consider a website-only project, the common ground between your needs and my passions must be compelling. If it is, give me a holler!

The world needs your earth-honoring consciousness! Although I no longer regularly teach this path via a Meetup group, I do speak on the Q’ero-Inka path, as well occasionally hold small classes and perform the transmission of rites (karpays). If you’d like to be on this list, please send me an email or Facebook message.

More importantly, please ask yourself at the deepest level why you’re interested in learning the spiritual path of a remote Peruvian indigenous people. I can highly recommend the book, Ancient Spirit Rising to help you begin this self-examination and consider connecting with your own indigenous wisdom.

If you are still interested in self study of the Q’ero-Inka cosmology, there is an extensive Resources page on this website. There you’ll find a list of books, films, videos, and more. If you do choose to learn this path, please be aware that there are several culturally appropriated (colonized) versions of this path that are available for study (and purchase) and that give nothing back to these heart-filled people who live in a constant state of adversity. Please do your research and follow your heart.

You betcha! I can regularly be found at Seton Cove, Austin Shamanism, and other venues. If you have an event, festival, or foundation that could custom-created content based on my unique insights, please call me at 512-694-1600.