Tending the soul of healthcare…for ourselves,
for our communities, and for the world.

“My mission is the binding of wounds, the retrieval and restoration of its missing pieces to the soul of healthcare in this country. We must do this for ourselves, for the wellness communities we build as practitioners, and for the world.”

Allison Peacock is a modern day wise woman with deep expertise in self-care and energy medicine. A ritualist, healer, and ceremonialist, she has been a passionate evangelist for Integrative Medicine approaches for more than 30 years.

Leveraging her personal journey in healing with a concurrent three decades long career in business, she now serves a deeply felt mission to restore the healthcare system in this country by helping to empower patients, physicians, and other practitioners who are stepping outside of a broken system to drive much needed change.


My Story

My lifelong advocacy of the integrative or holistic path was shaped when I walked out of Houston’s Methodist hospital changed forever in 1985 just months after starting my first business at the tender age of 22. While recuperating from lifesaving neurosurgery and a near death experience I was told I might never walk again – and that I should learn to use a wheelchair. Armed with the awareness of a loving spiritual presence guiding me, I surprised my doctors and family alike when I rejected this philosophy and limped out of the hospital just two weeks later on a walker.

I credit my dramatic healing to the combination of modern science with matters of the spirit long before there was even a name for it. Beginning in that hospital bed and continuing to this day, combining the best of modern medical science with the spiritual techniques that I was gifted with intuitively has yielded the most dramatic results.

As a complex patient ahead of the medical system in which I sought care, I had to become my own expert to find balance after an incomplete spinal cord injury. Chronic pain and PTSD were my teachers. Motherhood and an intimate relationship with nature were my spiritual paths.

“Inspiring and encouraging personal and system transformation as an advocate, facilitator, and sacred witness is my purpose.”

With the recent explosion of integrative medicine and broader acceptance of modalities considered fringe in 1985, I’ve learned the science behind the techniques I was shown intuitively all those decades ago. I’ve been blessed to both study with and personally consult with with some amazing mentors and teachers – all of them true healers.

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In addition to working with many of the Shealy Protocols since 1999, I’ve learned and used many forms of guided meditation and intuitive coaching. I’m a reiki master and have used that modality for almost 20 years. My work is highly informed by The Five Levels of Healing.

A 2012 course, Narrative and the Brain with integrative medicine neuropsychiatrist Lewis Mehl-Medrona heavily influenced my decision to focus less on simple business consulting and more on working with the metaphors inherent in indigenous earth-honoring wisdom and energy medicine to help others pave the way to better health. Now I combine this wisdom with my business experience to assist the physicians who are leading the charge in the Integrative Medicine movement.

A natural extension of my past as a former journalist and communications agency creative director, in 2013 I completed the Harvard Medical School Continuing Education course, Achieving Leadership and Improved Outcomes in Healthcare Through Publishing. 

After five years in a productive consulting relationship with Dr. Julie Reardon, I now serve as practice manager for Lake Travis Integrative Medicine. (Our meeting was so divinely inspired I wrote a blog post about it several years ago!)

I also see patients in our office as an Energy Medicine practitioner and spiritual coach. I’ve recently added Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to the Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) devices we use to help our patients heal and feel better, often while avoiding narcotics and other powerful drugs.

Always mindful of my own origins and people, I’ve been blessed and inspired by several years of working with the Andean Inka healing traditions taught to me by a beloved tribal elder from Peru. I’ve also been an invited guest in ceremonies with Lakota, Esto’k gna, and Taino traditions. Each experience is a treasure.

Today, I continue to nurture a lifelong sacred relationship with my own Celtic and pre-Celtic ancestors and their traditions, and hope to inspire others in their own process of Re-indigenizing. Both as a child and in the many periods of healing in my adult life, I have returned again and again to the woods. I continue to walk the path of a solo, somewhat feral Druid. Flowers, animals, and rocks are my constant companions.

An empty nester after raising four children, I now enjoy more time for the woods!