I recently had a wonderful opportunity to finally meet in real life a woman who is both a business client and a virtual friend of many years. In 2011, I was named the first Featured Contributor for a website and app for mothers called 30SecondMom, now known simply as 30Seconds.com. My wellness and parenting content helped launch the site earlier that year.

Elisa All Schmitz is an energetic Chicago-based entrepreneur, mom, and former director at Disney who first launched iParenting and now guides the 30Seconds digital world. Elisa’s husband had business in Austin, so we cooked up a plan to broadcast a live chat from the Four Seasons in Austin.

Our topics? Adult kids, empty nests, mindfulness, Standing Rock, and more.

My three impromptu prescriptions for navigating the evolution away from motherhood were:

  • Self Care/Cultivating Resilience
  • Humor, and
  • Helping Others

Enjoy the video here – forgiving the spur of the moment, awful “how about we set it up and lean it on a menu on the table” iPhone camera angle, double chins and all.

Oh well, accepting our flaws is part of evolving, right?