Work with Allison


My passion is blending the sacred ancient wisdom of earth-honoring indigenous people with the rational scientific thinking of the modern world – making shamanic healing accessible and useful for anyone.

Power Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Healing, or Energy Medicine sessions are helpful in the following situations:

  • Relieving stress or recovering from a period of intense stress
  • Preparating for surgery or recovering from an intense medical illness
  • Healing from chronic negative patterns, even those that run in your family
  • Moving into new living or working space
  • Recovering from a life transition or trauma
  • Feeling stuck in some area of your life
  • Feeling out of balance, depressed, or lethargic
  • Healing a specific issue you cannot seem to be able to solve, such as sleeplessness, a weight problem, unhealthy obsessions, overuse of alcohol
  • Retrieving parts of your soul that were lost to trauma leaving you depleted or not fully empowered to be yourself.
  • Developing your relationship with your own helping spirits, guardian angels, or your ancestors for healing, protection, guidance, empowerment and transformation
  • Experiencing a deeper connection to nature, the earth and the elements for personal healing, energy clearing and reater clarity and self-empowerment

In addition to my teaching with Austin Shamanic Healing Meetup, you’ll find me speaking or teaching with other groups and at venues such as Seton Cove and Soma Vida.

I love creating custom programming! Alone or working with several co-facilitators in the medical, wellness, and business space, programs can be designed for specific populations.

My programs help participants to:

  • Relieve stress and increase clarity
  • Build resilience in times of challenge or transformation
  • More easily navigate organizational change
  • Create the mindset and conditions to thrive in a fast-paced,  increasingly technology-driven world
  • Create an inspired family, organization, or workplace that supports true human development
  • Develop self-responsibility for health and business outcomes

Please contact me for more information on program subjects and objectives.

There are many different reasons that ceremony and ritual are employed for wholeness. Celebrations, sending up prayers, or blessing a new home, child, or partnership come to mind. I find new uses for ceremony and ritual every day. I’m happy to design just the right ceremony for you or your business.

A few of the reasons we might do this together are:

  • personal healing
  • business transformation
  • marriages and births
  • recovery from physical illness or emotional stress
  • life transitions such as divorce, death, ending one phase of life and beginning another
  • spiritual disconnection
  • to pray for auspiciousness or increased prosperity
  • blessing and cleansing of home, office, or land

The following list of services covers most of what I’ve done to support business results for my clients in the past – from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies. My biggest task for your business: transformation. Adding value to what you’re doing and making it hum.

Most recently, my combination of these services with the transformational insight of a shaman fuels my soul, and even can empower business breakthroughs.

A business shaman? You bet! Ask for my references. Or learn more on my Business Whispering page.


• Business Plans/Marketing Plans
• Executive Summaries
• Online Brand Audit
• Content Strategy
• Event Planning

Branding/Brand Management

• Identity Design
• Collateral Design
• Environmental Design
• Creative Direction of External Vendors
• Owner’s Representative on Multi-Disciplinary Teams


• Print Advertising
• Website Development
• Blogging & Content Marketing
• Digital PR & Advertising
• Social Media
• Product & Packaging Design
• Community Management