As an expression of my complete acceptance that for the past several months, years really, it seems I’ve been combining my business consulting and the shamanic spiritual path that I practice and teach, I did the same with my website this weekend. In a perfect celebratory moment on the same day, I held a lovely despacho ceremony with new client, Dr. Sergey Sorin in Springfield the day my new website went live.

Holistic physician, Norm Shealy calls his partner, Sorin,

“The only medical doctor I’ve met who thinks just like me – out of the box!”

img_3198At the mouth of the darkly mysterious Giboney Cave, and alongside a loudly bubbling brook, Sergey and I expressed gratitude for our discovery of common missions and prayed for blessings on a planned business collaboration. It shouldn’t seem strange for someone who’s been a shamanic healer for decades. Yet as a business consultant from small business to Fortune 100 level, I can’t say I’ve seen this type of narrative on business holism expressed too often. I’m happy to change this in my own small way.

This beautiful synchronicity wasn’t the first cosmic wink in an eventful week. Not by a long shot.

You see, when I booked my trip to see Norm, one of my favorite mentors, I was to attend a workshop on becoming certified in Past Life Therapy. I’ve employed PLT – what Norm calls the single most effective form of psychotherapy in the world – for years, both personally and with clients. I don’t often bring it up unless a client does and sometimes it’s where things naturally head on stubborn or deeply resonating issues. Whether you literally believe in past lives or are simply a neuroscience junkie and understand plasticity and the power of narrative medicine, it’s hard to deny the results.

Quite unexpectedly this workshop was canceled. William Shatner and friends don’t seem to have too much sympathy for canceled workshops so I had airline tickets and a hotel booked for Springfield whether I needed them or not. I can’t say that it was a disappointment to suddenly realize I could devote my entire week to a personal healing retreat and get Norm’s take on some lingering neuropathy after a spinal surgery I underwent in December.

A holistic neurosurgeon not shy about talking about his past lives or downloads from God can come in so handy for a multiple spinal injuries patient who’s a shaman and talks to balls of light and spiritual guides.

As soon as I arrived in Springfield, of course I looked for the two things essential to my life, even on the road: a spot in nature and healthy food. I was delighted to find that my Priceline hotel purchase put me staying in the historic Doling Park neighborhood, just blocks from a gem of a public park, complete with caves, pond, and a woodland walk.

The first thing I saw as I walked past the playground into the park itself was a huge bed of American Beautyberry outside the mouth of a stunning cave. It felt like home. As a child, I was fairly obsessed by these beautiful bushes in the woods behind my house. They just made me happy. I can’t tell you why. Aside from roses they’re one of my favorite plants of all time and before this, I didn’t even know you could plant them! I’ve only known them as the woodland native of my childhood.

Then there was the huge boulder called Relationship Rock photographed by a random visitor to my chosen temporary park home that I found once again through the magic of Google and my iPhone. Since I had spent the past month journaling and praying about my readiness for a new personal relationship this caught my eye. I had to risk digital stalker status to reach out on Twitter and Linkedin to the Springfield resident who snapped the photo. Google had NOTHING to say about this rock in a sea of material on this much documented and beloved historic park. When he wrote me back, Tony shared that it was just a personal observation about the rock and the couples who sat on it while he walked with his boys.

It was so cool to share stories with a perfect stranger. I knew I needed to connect with the energy of this rock; and I would never have had the opportunity to do so if a regular visitor to the park hadn’t had the heart and empathy to notice this rock’s role with passersby. This is the beauty of social media. Just nevermind the dark side.

Was I surprised that when I saw the rock in person it had been defaced with a bit of graffiti proclaiming, “Caleb loves Alison?” Stunned, more like it.

Sort of.

Would you also believe me if I told you the first Google result for “gluten free restaurant” in this town full of national chain tourist restaurants, big box stores, and fast food was a little gem in the historic district called Cafe Cusco? Anyone that realizes I am an Andean mystic and fairly obsessed with Cusco and the highlands of Peru won’t be. I had a dish that like my spiritual path predates the Inka. (Of course I took my mesa in to eat with me!)

Back to the reason for my trip…

As I said in my last post, moving forward in my life and in my business seemed to be a theme inherent in my physical symptoms. I did some personal regressions on that theme with both doctors and key to my healing was the need to use all my gifts in my work. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that by the end of the week my conversations with Norm and his partner, Dr. Sorin, had turned to business.

It’s clear to me that this is exactly why you’re here.

Dr. Sorin, “Sergey” to his soul buddies, wasn’t shy about telling me by the second or third day of my visit that he was certain that the canceled workshop and my visit to the clinic (rather than the teaching facility 20 minutes away) was divine order. By the end of the week we realized we had so many impressions about the work that they do in common.

As someone who has cherished the work of Shealy Wellness for 17 years it felt great to lend insights that combined my long term personal relationship with the work, my ability to channel spiritual wisdom, and my business sense. This is the secret sauce of what I do and it makes my heart sing.

Walking through the park setting of our ceremony a few minutes before Sergey arrived I noticed that a local church event was being set up at the same time. Fresh from reading an unsettling article that someone had posted in one of my online shamanism groups earlier in the week,  an odd feeling settled in.

I’ll give you a hint, this article begins…Once, there were witches. No. There were never witches. Not in the way men said, anyway.

And I welcomed it. That was then, this is now! I’m not shy about my right to enjoy my relationship with nature even when others are around. I believe that whatever someone needs to see they’ll see. And what they don’t, they won’t.

Well, in a couple more cosmic winks, as we walked in the park the day we scouted the location for our ceremony I rattled on about the Relationship Rock, telling Sergey my story.

“You know, Allison, there are many kinds of relationships in life. You and I have a relationship. Let’s go sit on it!”

We did.

The next day, you know what the first thing out of my new friend’s mouth was? Having arrived about three minutes after me, he began helping me to unpack our offerings, my tools – textiles, holy water, and bell – and spread them out on the ground. He immediately commented that he had a clear feeling that we had done this before “during the witch trial times” and should feel odd about being so public with our activities in the midst of a church event and the other people in the park.

But he didn’t.

And I didn’t.

I even gifted the church ladies our abundant bouquet of leftover flowers on the way out. The gushing, smiles, and thank you’s were such a lovely ending to a wonderful morning.

Enjoy some photos of my little adventure!