Shamanism is a study of the earth’s wisdom that is as old as time…

If you asked 10 people to define shamanism, you’d likely get 10 different answers. For some, it’s about achieving an altered state of consciousness. For others it’s about plant wisdom. For me, it is neither of these things.

Simply put, I define shamanism as a form of energy medicine…specifically, an engagement with the wisdom of the earth and the cosmos, both seen and unseen. Every culture since time began has had their own methods and processes which bring the wisdom of the earth into the community through the vehicle of the shaman or healer.

The word “shaman” was first used by the Evenk and Buryat people of Siberia, meaning “he who knows.” What the shaman knows is how the unseen world affects the physical world of the here and now. 

In scholarly literature, if not in practice, if the local term for such a healer is known, that is what they are called. And in the case of long ago cultures, especially those with no written language, “shaman” has become the catch-all designation for most people.

Very strictly speaking, in the Andean p’aqokuna healing traditions of the Q’ero people of Peru, I am known as a Pampamesayok, or Earth Priest(ess).

Each indigenous culture has it’s own system, yet there are many commonalities between cultures from widely placed – in both space and time – ways of listening to the earth. As an Andean mystic, I’m most passionate about bridging the western world with the Inka earthkeeping tradition of the Q’ero people. I’ve acted as a chakaruna, Quechua for “a person that bridges two sides” my entire life. So this is a natural fit.

Some of the conditions that I work to bring shamanic healing to in our modern world are:

  • Restoring lost power
  • Repairing soul loss
  • Releasing energetic interference

These happen both at the personal level, and at the systems level. Systems – such as families, businesses, and communities – evolve together and are only as healthy as their least powerful member.

Healing truly happens at the soul level by the individual. As a shamanic healer I simply act as a sacred witness and channel supporting my clients in receiving what they need at any given time. In other words, a true healer or shaman empowers her client, child, or loved one to heal themselves!

I am so grateful to you for coming and leading such a wonderful program…it seemed like the group really connected with you and the content. I was really proud to offer the Cove community your particular program this week, especially since last week so many US cities recognized Indigenous Peoples Day. I agree, the Western world really needs earth-honoring wisdom.
Will Fiorello, Seton Cove
You have a way of making Andean shamanism really interesting and very accessible. Your description of your teacher’s tradition and the world that he comes from was a powerful reminder that deep connection to the natural world is something that all our ancient ancestors shared. That need to deeply connect to nature still seems very relevant today.
Jeanne Cook, Austin, TX
You are a bright star in the skies bringing light to South America with your skills, experience and big heart. I see in you one of your roles in this incarnation as Connector and Weaver of Light.
Penelope Eicher, Heart Walk Foundation
Your presentation was a big hit. You are doing great things with White Horse Medicine. The impact of this program will be far reaching.
D.C., Mount Vernon, AR
Thank you so much for the support. I almost cried…a happy cry. I truly thank you for helping me with this problem!

Y. W., Austin, TX
Your voice and your presence is so powerful. Your kindness and understanding helped me survive this horrific experience and will give me the strength to make change going forward.
E. G. , Austin, TX
You inspire me not only from what you have done to heal yourself, but you are very supportive of my health and well-being. Allison, you make a difference in many people’s lives.
M.S., Houston, TX