Unassisted Childbirth: Pregnancy portrait broadcast on ABC.

A portrait series that I took of a home-birther client in 2003 has been featured on the Unassisted Childbirth website for several years. It was recently included in a broadcast of Good Morning America, as well as licensed for inclusion in a British television documentary on the same topic.

In addition to being a faithful client, the subject is a “sister from another mother” and partner in crime.  She’s a beautiful example of a woman that has taken her body, her birth experience, and her children’s well being into her own hands.



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Allison Peacock is a Spiritual Wellness Practitioner and the Practice Manager at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine. A mind-body medicine expert for more than three decades, she is a passionate teacher of Integrative Medicine approaches, including self-care, building resilience, spiritual transformation, self-regulation and Earth-honoring spirituality.


  1. Julia April 14, 2009 at 4:35 pm - Reply

    This is interesting! I haven’t watched your clip above, because I read about someone doing the very same thing here in the UK. I completely understand why they would want to do it. In fact I did something similar.. but not as “complete”. At the grand old age of 34 years, 11 months and 2 weeks, I delivered my firstborn son on my bed, in my bedroom, with 2 midwives in attendance. One of the midwives had NEVER before attended a home birth, so she felt privileged. I have to say that although my GP was a little taken aback when I said this was what I wanted, as soon as he realised I would be happy with the midwives, the matter was over. He even came to my house to see me after he had finished work, unanounced, just to see if I was OK and say “hi” to my son! I refused to attend any antenetal classes at the hospital, never met the Gynaecologist (no need, I said: I’m not going to be coming to the hospital for the birth”), and didn’t do any of the private antenatal classes with my husband, either. He was cross about this, because he wanted to be “educated”. I just wanted to be left alone to “go with the flow”. I fully believed my body would tell me what to do… it did. But I did need the gas and air… After the birth, the midwives ran me a bath, and I got in it. I was told I had a “graze”… The next day, in my morning salt bath, I noticed that “something” was a little larger than normal! When I showed the midwife, it became apparent that I had a large tear. However, it was too late to sew it up, and I didn’t really fancy that anyway. Again, I let nature take its course, and after 8 weeks, everything was completely back to normal.
    Four years later, I had another son, at home, next to my bed… Two midwives, same great experience. My next door neighbour came by to see how I was getting on, brought me a basket of greengages. Found me in the bath, baby on my other son’s bed sucking his fist (unbelievable, but true).. she said it was a wonderful experience for her, too, to see that I could be so comfortable in my own home..

    So there you are. What a long comment that was. I have had people say that I was irresponsible towards my unborn children, but I disagree. I had a great experience, if painful, and my children helped themselves to be born.

  2. Allison Peacock April 14, 2009 at 7:56 pm - Reply

    Wow, Jules! I had no idea we were on the same wavelength about more than horses. This portrait and the website it was on were also licensed for a BBC documentary. I’ll have to find out more and have you locate it for me. I never did see it.

    Childbirth is treated far too much like an “illness” in this country. And men (or women for that matter) who go to school to “study” a woman’s body don’t know more than a woman truly in tune with her own does. And sadly, we’re not teaching our daughters this wisdom.

    Thanks for sharing your story!


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