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I’m committed to improving healthcare delivery in this country for both sides of the coin – both patients and their doctors. The colonized healthcare Empire is broken. The heroes of the future are stepping outside of the box, paving their own way, and following heartfelt missions to serve as true healers.

“Working with you was a great experience. I welcomed the way you integrated sincere goodwill and intuitive creativity. I was grateful to realize that you look at the bigger picture and are genuinely interested in knowing more about what and where a person is in their journey. And because you are so intuitive about it, you were in an excellent space to affect changes by simple conversations and interactions. Thank you for providing a sacred mirror.“

– Qazi Javed, MD, Integrative Psychiatry Austin

Do you have a unique healthcare mission? I love business whispering. This is just my way of saying that I like helping you discover your secret sauce, align it with your mission and a sound business strategy, and make your business or practice sing! The world needs your empowered voice and unique services.

When not busy acting as part time practice manager for a client of many years, I do this through either Coaching or Consulting, or in the best of relationships – both!

The following list of services covers the kind of projects I’ve executed for businesses from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies. My greatest desire is to increase the effectiveness of your mission by adding value to your gifts and helping to deliver them to the world.

Delivering these services with the transformational insight of a shaman fuels my soul, and can empower business breakthroughs.

Rates for consulting packages and case studies of past successes are available upon request. Contact me to set up a complimentary consultation and let’s discuss your goals.


• Business Plans/Marketing Plans
• Executive Summaries
• Online Brand Audit
• Content Strategy
• Event Planning


• Identity Design
• Collateral Design
• Environmental Design
• Creative Direction of External Vendors
• Owner’s Representative on Multi-Disciplinary Teams


• Print Advertising
• Website Development
• Book Coaching, Editing & Design
• Blogging & Content Marketing
• Digital PR & Advertising
• Social Media