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“No approach to medicine and healing can be adequate if it does not include attention to the role of mind, consciousness, and spirit. Extensive research confirms this, and there is no going back to the strictly materialistic views of the past.”

–  Larry Dossey, MD

Spiritual Healing, Energy Medicine, and Wellness Coaching

White Horse Medicine™ programs are founded upon a commitment to improve healthcare for everyone, beginning with you. Becoming your own hero means charting the best course for yourself – your body, your unique history, and your life – as only you can. Staying curious and engaged, even when you have to ask for help, will help you learn new things and empower yourself to get and stay well.

Rekindle your wild soul and sense of deep belonging through earth honoring spirituality and the arts, animism, ancestral recovery, and bioregional awareness (bloom where you’re planted!) All of these facets are a proven part of a good self care plan.

Spiritual wellness sessions and small group classes are designed to help develop your own internal guidance system, tap into a greater sense of joy, cultivate self care, and get to the bottom of your healing crisis.

Energy medicine and wellness coaching both support concurrent medical care and increase the healing outcomes of your other efforts to get and stay well. My practice blends a little of both.

Founded upon the sacred, ancient wisdom of earth-honoring indigenous paths, I also include a healthy dose of the rational scientific thinking of the modern world. This makes what we do together a valuable part of an Integrative Medicine approach to your health. 

“Your voice and your presence is so powerful. Your kindness and understanding helped me survive this horrific experience and will give me the strength to make changes going forward.”    –  Recent patient

Wellness sessions are helpful when:

  • Relieving stress or recovering from a period of intense stress
  • Preparing for surgery or recovering from surgery or illness
  • Healing from chronic negative patterns, even those that run in your family
  • Moving into new living or working space
  • Recovering from a life transition or trauma
  • Feeling stuck in some area of your life
  • Feeling out of balance, depressed, or lethargic
  • Healing a specific issue you can’t seem to be able to solve
  • Retrieving parts of your soul that were lost to trauma – yours or those of your ancestors
  • Feeling depleted or not fully empowered to be yourself.
  • Developing your relationship with your own helping spirits, guardian angels, or your ancestors for healing, protection, guidance, empowerment and transformation

Our sessions will inspire a deeper connection to your own inner guidance, your personal spiritual guides and ancestors, and the natural world. This in turn, supports greater clarity and self-empowerment on your journey to get or stay well.

First visit: 150.00 for up to 90 minutes of detailed intake
Individual sessions: 125.00 per 55 minute session
Packages: 500.00 for 5 sessions

A 15-minute pre-scheduling consultation is encouraged to explore whether we’re a good fit for each other. Please ask about my sliding scale if payment is an issue.