Allison Peacock has been adding value to businesses and brands since 1984.

About peacockOMNIMEDIA

In almost 30 years as an entrepreneur, as well as a consultant to other entrepreneurs, my intention has always been get to the heart of my clients missions and stories, and to align vision with sound strategies. Peacock Omnimedia has helped to develop new businesses, assisted emerging businesses, and rehabilitated struggling businesses with exceptional results. My clients have run the gamut from individual entrepreneurs and philanthropists to family businesses to Fortune 100 global leaders in their fields. I love solving problems and inspiring success!

An early adopter of information technologies, I’m also a subject matter expert on the positive uses of technology, such as message dissemination and community building. A University of Texas researcher interviewed me for a 2012 study on the uses of the Meetup platform in building authentic community.

With my current focus on energy medicine, I am accepting very selected business contracts based on long term relationships or alignment of client missions with my own. This means I work really well with integrative and holistic medical businesses.

More and more my clients are integrating spiritual support into the work we do. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner with a desire to infuse spiritual intelligence into your business activities, let’s talk!

Please note: The following portfolio of case studies is under construction. In the meantime, please feel free to email me to set up a time to discuss some of my favorite client accomplishments – and more importantly, how I can impact your business!

Selected Client Profiles