Thankful for the torchbearers: How I knew I wasn’t crazy

Thankful for the torchbearers: How I knew I wasn’t crazy

This is the second part of a two part post about being a highly intuitive person with an equally strong rational mind and how that’s helped me heal.  If you haven’t read the first part, please start here.

To say simply that working with Dr. Norm Shealy changed my life is an understatement that defies an easy explanation.

The moment I read in intuition pioneer Carolyn Myss’s books in the late 1990’s of her neurosurgeon partner I knew he held the keys for me. Incomplete spinal cord injury was so rare at that time. It had been following my intuition that had saved me many a time since The Big Bang when no one else knew what was happening in this body. Yet it was lonely having to translate back and forth between what my gut knew and what the doctor said, heaven forbid they should communicate with each other openly! So finding out that there was a neurosurgeon on the planet that actually co-pioneered the science of medical intuition was something I could barely believe. The only doctors I had dared talk with about what I what going on in my head either wanted to write me off or give me a pill.

I knew I had to work with him. It took me just one day to locate Norm and schedule an appointment for a week intensive at his pain clinic. In one of many, many synchronistic connections with this giant in the movement to make medicine more sane, I found when I arrived that he had experienced a similar spinal cord compression in his own body just a few years before we met. I’ve found that synchronicity and intuition, even my “clairvoyance” at times are often just different aspects of the same elegant flow of Divine Order in my life.

One of the most dramatic of the many synchronicities I experienced in working with Norm happened the night before I checked in with the clinic. I arrived in Springfield, Missouri the afternoon before I was to report to the clinic and stayed on his horse farm in a small cabin reserved for guests. I was alone in the cabin with little to do in the middle of nowhere. I was rummaging around after dark to find something to do and noticed a tiny TV that got one channel of snowy black and white reception. When I turned it on it was playing Jeopardy. I’m not a big game show person so I went rummaging through an adjacent shelf of about a dozen videos. As I was reading the back of the video I had picked up I suddenly heard the very same words coming out of Alex Trebek’s mouth on the still-playing TV.

“This actor played Jackie Gleason’s son in Gleason’s last movie – a successful ad man who must juggle his ever-demanding career while his parents’ marriage breaks up.”

“Who is Tom Hanks, Alex.”

The video I was holding in my hand was called Nothing In Common and the Jeopardy question was taken word for word from the liner notes I was reading as I held it in my hand at that very moment. No joke.

In another recent twist of fate, years later as I was packing up the farm a few weeks ago to move the family to Austin I found an old box that I’d taken from my parents house when doing some genealogy work on the family tree. Mostly full of old family photos and records, I decided to dig through the box to see what I wanted to take and what to return to my mom. At the very bottom of the box were some ancient looking Unity tapes on healing that I hadn’t seen since I left the hospital in 1985. I had no idea they still existed. As I picked them up to see what they were I noticed the name of the person who had made the tapes. It said “C. Norman Shealy, MD.”

I almost dropped them.

Thank God for books. Before the internet they were my best way of connecting with new ideas when I needed them the most. In addition to Norm and Carolyn, I also found Deepak Chopra’s Center for Mind Body Medicine in San Diego right after it opened in 1993 through his wonderful books. And Dr. Judith Orloff’s life story as an intuitive and psychiatrist, as depicted in her book, Second Sight was invaluable after years of being self conscious and trying to write off my more distinct experiences with high sense perception and radical empathy. Her experiences have changed the way many in the psychiatry field address intuition.

Modalities such as guided meditation, visualization and mindfulness have been my most successful medicines in my own journey to stay healthy. My intuition and my spiritual guides have been there every step of the way, too. (Having an ancestor who was a doctor comes in handy, too.)

Through it all I’ve employed several “covers” to working with my now exquisitely honed intuition. First as a designer who interpreted her clients’ unspoken visions and personalities uncannily, as I was told over and over. Then as a communications consultant helping businesses define and express their identities in words and visuals. In both of these as well as in my mothering, always my most relied upon skill is my intuition – my ability to be the “hollow bone” as shamans call it, and allow creativity, inspiration, and healing to move through me. It’s like breathing to me.

And now I don’t need a cover. Walking right into the center of what really matters to me and openly living it in all I do is the only way for me now.

With each step I’ve taken towards better health for myself my passion for helping others has grown. It’s why I’m here.

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About the Author:

Allison Peacock is a Spiritual Wellness Practitioner and the Practice Manager at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine. A mind-body medicine expert for more than three decades, she is a passionate teacher of Integrative Medicine approaches, including self-care, building resilience, spiritual transformation, self-regulation and Earth-honoring spirituality.


  1. Hollis Polk April 17, 2009 at 7:57 am - Reply

    Keep it coming, sister!

  2. Allison Peacock April 17, 2009 at 9:51 am - Reply

    Try and stop me!

  3. Tom Ellis April 17, 2009 at 3:20 pm - Reply

    After reading your last two blog posts, your openness and courage amazes me. Allison you are truely a uniquely gifted person.

    • Allison Peacock April 17, 2009 at 4:08 pm - Reply

      Thanks, Bro! I’m so glad that you took time to check in on my ramblings.

  4. Dazzling Daughter April 17, 2009 at 9:47 pm - Reply

    I did my homework mother dear, and i must say;
    I would pass the test too! (:

    • Allison Peacock April 17, 2009 at 9:55 pm - Reply

      Yes, I know you would sweetie pie. Thanks!

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