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A handful of olives never tasted so good!

This month, we’re kicking off a regular monthly Prolon Plan Support Group at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine.

Come learn about the Fasting Mimicking Diet, one of the healthiest things you can do for your body to push the reset button and inspire longevity.

Get All The Benefits Of A 5-Day Fast… While Enjoying Food

The benefits of the Prolon® program are:

Fat-Focused Weight Loss
Stem Cell Rejuvenation
Improved Mental Focus
Improved Skin
Energy Boost
Healthier Blood Glucose and Cholesterol
Mental and Emotional Clarity

Prolon is a great plan for patients who feel stuck. When our body thinks we’re starving, it turns on a process called “autophagy,” or the ability to clean up after itself. Think of it as your body getting all of the guests out of the house who have worn out their welcome so we can clean and vacuum all the floors! Prolon can turn off autoimmune, obesity, inflammation, brain fog, and sleep disturbances.

We’ll share a short presentation on the Prolon experience, why it’s good for you, and how some of our patients and even Dr. Julie have fared implementing this regular detox and reboot into their lifestyle. (One guy even wrote an ode to his olives!)

All attendees will have access to a regular virtual check in and ongoing coaching support during their fast.

The ticket price for this event will be applied to the price of a Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet kit if purchased. Please feel free to email allison@laketravisintegrative.com if you have any questions about this event.

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