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My Spiritual/Business Coaching practice is focused specifically on physicians and other wellness entrepreneurs. It blends sacred wisdom and what one of my mentors calls an “exquisitely honed intuition” with the finely tuned rational thinking of my 30 years of experience in the business world.

We may discuss strategy or developing your mission. Or we may dive into exercises to recover pieces of your healer’s soul that might be hiding or lost due to past career traumas, too many years in a broken system, or family and personal issues. This kind of coaching is ideal for times of new business development, practice transition, or redirection of your professional mission.

You might find coaching sessions helpful when:
• Times of transition in your business, considering a new mission, location, or services.
• Considering writing a book, but not sure if it’s the right time or content to further your purpose.
• Healing from chronic negative patterns, such as past corporate experiences or even those that run in your family
• Moving into new business space and need to incorporate changes in the way your practice.
• Recovering from a life transition or trauma that affects your practice.
• Feeling depleted or not fully empowered to create your own unique way of practicing.

Over time, Practitioner/Entrepreneur coaching sessions inspire a deeper connection to your own internal guidance system. You truly can be a pioneering medical entrepreneur as well as a healer!

Hourly Rate: 155.00 or 375.00 for 3 hours