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Decolonize yourself – Part 2

When I began writing about colonization a few days ago and again here, I realized that a desire to live a decolonized life is the thread that [...]

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Colonization: An unholy alliance between money and power

I thought #DecolonizeYourself would be a two-part series. Now that I've realized decolonization is part of my own larger story, and something we all must [...]

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Decolonize yourself

I'm still vacillating between outraged anger and paralysis these days. If I stay remain awake and pay any attention at all to our world then it [...]

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Coming out of hibernation

I've been quiet in the blogosphere for quite a long time. It's not like me. I usually have so much to say. And I've composed so [...]

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When tragedy strikes

Anyone who is familiar with the popular music festival SXSW knows that tragedy struck my community this week. Not only is SXSW a city-wide celebration, I’ve participated professionally – both on the interactive side as a subject matter expert, and as the “momager” of an emerging hip hop artist who is performing this year. So this hurt hits close to home. This sad event comes right on the heels of an awful case for one of my patient advocacy clients. […]

The importance of telling our stories: raising the Patient Voice

I’ve decided to declare it patient advocacy month for White Horse Medicine! Continuing on the thread of my last blog on embracing our scars I want to celebrate some of the amazing patient advocate connections I’ve made in my efforts over the past few months to launch an innovative new patient-centered clinical model of care with Doctor Julie. One of the first things we undertook was to attend together a Harvard Medical School […]

I am Scar Clan

I recently ran into a great brand on Twitter and immediately ordered a tee shirt from them. RockScar Love was founded to “celebrate sexy scars, the lessons they teach us and the strength they create.” In this mission we are totally aligned. White Horse Medicine does much the same. I love the idea of celebrating scars. Celebrating them is not the same as […]

Stepping into Medicine Woman’s shoes

For several months now I’ve been involved in a transition of sorts. Call it finally “cashing in my initiation chip,” if you will. To explain I’ll share something my sister-friend Dee sent me recently. It’s certainly not something that is new to me. I’ve known I that carried the Wounded Healer archetype for decades. Yet the fact that someone else so close to me, with so many intimate connections to my new path shared it in an email recently kind of brought it full circle. […]