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Self Care 101 and Mind-Body classes scheduled

Spring 2015 classes have been scheduled, now using the Meetup platform for simple RSVP and sharing purposes. The Radical Wellness group will include a weekly topical presentation along with a shamanic meditation and talking circle. Self Care 101 – Tired? Depressed? In Pain? Are you working with modern medicine and find you still need more to get through the week between appointments? Or has modern medicine completely failed you? This basic repeating class will cover […]

Springing forward with new classes

It’s taken a couple of weeks but I think I’m FINALLY adjusting to the spring time change. My body and internal clock have fought it kicking and screaming and I think we’ve finally worked out a deal so I can get some sleep! After several years of writing, working, and dreaming, I’m thrilled to announce that White Horse Medicine is going to flower fully with the spring roses. As I’m winding down my 15-year communication practice over the next few months, my dream to share mindfulness, the healing power of story and the arts, and energy medicine […]

Green smoothies: Easiest morning gift to yourself ever

Self-care is all about taking responsibility for your health. One of the easiest ways to do this is to eat healthy, yet who does all the time? I’ve talked about my morning smoothies so much lately that friends have begun asking me my recipe. This is truly the easiest, simplest way to start your day right. Even better, it’s a no brainer way […]

When tragedy strikes

Anyone who is familiar with the popular music festival SXSW knows that tragedy struck my community this week. Not only is SXSW a city-wide celebration, I’ve participated professionally – both on the interactive side as a subject matter expert, and as the “momager” of an emerging hip hop artist who is performing this year. So this hurt hits close to home. This sad event comes right on the heels of an awful case for one of my patient advocacy clients. […]

White horses and heroes and metaphors, oh my!

Do you have the energy and strength to face life? Life can ask more of you than you are willing to give. Joseph Campbell said that in his classic, The Hero’s Journey. A couple of weeks ago as announced here I had the adventure of working behind the scenes with Old Spice Man, actor and former NFL wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa on a commercial […]

Rewiring an AWOL brain: 30 seconds to increased clarity and well being

{Editor’s note: This post is a further explanation of my favorite 30SecondMom tip of all time. After posting it recently I heard from several followers that they also use it successfully for thinking clearly in spite of having a headache and on restless children at bedtime!} Ever notice how you sometimes you can’t concentrate when you need it the most? We’ve all had those moments when the sudden stress of disturbing news about a loved one, anxiety about an upcoming date/interview/meeting, or too many work or kid requests coming at once suddenly cause you to realize you can’t think straight. When faced with what to do next you get…nothing. A blank. It feels as if someone has switched off your brain. […]

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