Living sacred out loud: The gift of perfect synchronicity for starting fresh

As an expression of my complete acceptance that for the past several months, years really, it seems I've been combining my business consulting and the shamanic spiritual [...]

A new business model: Calling home all the pieces of my soul

After several months of being offline, my new website - a combination of what were separate personal and business websites - has a fresh new [...]

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Building a strong brand for your business

Are you as sick of hearing about branding in medical and wellness marketing as we are? Let’s take a look at what a “brand” is [...]

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The importance of a sound business strategy

I hear it all the time. "What the heck is strategic planning? I just want a beautiful website." Take my word for it, I've been [...]

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A New Story: Why medical and wellness?

There's a medical renaissance sweeping the country. The practice of medicine is being redefined. Self-care and personal responsibility for outcomes are more important than ever. [...]

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