Living sacred out loud: The gift of perfect synchronicity for starting fresh

As an expression of my complete acceptance that for the past several months, years really, it seems I've been combining my business consulting and the shamanic spiritual [...]

Initiations of another kind

Most shamans would answer when asked how they knew they were healers that, “We are called by the spirits.” And if you ask a Peruvian holy man or woman how they were selected they’d tell you of being struck by lightening. I’ve certainly survived being struck by metaphorical lightening – more than once. Yet no one was more surprised than I was when I ended up on the receiving end […]

Like a horse to the barn

I want to mark this day. I’m currently in the process of embarking on a whole new kind of life, one focused on me and mostly me alone, with more time to do the many things I’ve always dreamed of. And more time to work on my book about White Horse Medicine. I’m becoming an empty nester. […]

The peacock, the purple egg, and meeting an old friend for the first time

“The Doctor isn’t a man.”  I had decided to ride my bike to meet a new friend for the first time over coffee. Like many times before when I’ve settled into a quiet, quasi meditative state mentally on a bike ride, the vehicle my internal wisdom system chose for communicating with me was auditory. […]

Thankful for the torchbearers: How I knew I wasn’t crazy

This is the second part of a two part post about being a highly intuitive person with an equally strong rational mind and how that’s helped me heal.  If you haven’t read the first part, please start here. To say simply that working with Dr. Norm Shealy changed my life is an understatement that defies an easy explanation. The moment I read in intuition pioneer Carolyn Myss’s books in the late 1990’s of her neurosurgeon partner I knew he held the keys for me. Incomplete spinal cord injury was so rare at that time. It had been following my intuition […]

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The Big Bang and why I talk to “angels”

One day I’ll write more about the use of intuition in healing. So let me start by telling you my story and how it’s helped me thrive in spite of some pretty big challenges. My atunement to the subject of multi-sensory perception goes back to childhood. Though not talked about much, it runs in the family, actually. My grandfather was a physician who often “knew” what was wrong […]

I am Mother.

I AM MOTHER who grows dreams in my belly From my blood drinks the Tree of Life Rooted in heaven until the birth quake Splits me open in revelation and relief And I awake from the nightmare of separation. When I was a young, like most little girls I was often asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Although I had myriad answers depending on the vogue at the time: ballerina, gymnast, photojournalist (yes, I actually said this in a paper I wrote once) the unequivocal primary answer was, “I just want to be a mother.” And I am.  It’s essential to my being. Like a lot of mothers who write, when stories […]