Self Care 101 and Mind-Body classes scheduled

Spring 2015 classes have been scheduled, now using the Meetup platform for simple RSVP and sharing purposes. The Radical Wellness group will include a weekly topical presentation along with a shamanic meditation and talking circle. Self Care 101 – Tired? Depressed? In Pain? Are you working with modern medicine and find you still need more to get through the week between appointments? Or has modern medicine completely failed you? This basic repeating class will cover […]

On pumpkin spice lattes, automatic weapons and the sale of cigarettes

What do pumpkin spice lattes, the right to carry a gun, and a store’s decision to stop selling cigarettes have to do with each other? Social media is all abuzz with these three topics this week. They’re all hot buttons in our public conversations, our collective story…our narrative, if you will. And they have a powerful principle in common. […]

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Green smoothies: Easiest morning gift to yourself ever

Self-care is all about taking responsibility for your health. One of the easiest ways to do this is to eat healthy, yet who does all the time? I’ve talked about my morning smoothies so much lately that friends have begun asking me my recipe. This is truly the easiest, simplest way to start your day right. Even better, it’s a no brainer way […]

40 quick energy tips

Along with good health, energy is one of the most precious commodities we have. And they are inextricably linked. Here is a list of 40 ways to naturally improve your energy level. […]

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LIVESTRONG Challenge 2010 report: lessons learned on the road

It was a really special part of my cycling year to finally ride my first LIVESTRONG Challenge this past weekend after having to sit out last year and settle for photographing the event. This year I was able to ride thinking about the wonderful people in my life who had tragically been affected by cancer.  Every mile of the 45 miles that I rode was ridden thinking about each of them. Laura, Buddy, and Helen, three dear friends lost to cancer, were memorialized […]

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The choice between surviving and thriving: we all have it

If you keep telling the same small story you’ll keep getting the same small life.    –  Jean Houston Every once in a blue moon someone comes along that we know has crossed our path for a reason. One of the recent additions to my own roster of these kind of people – those that I hold in such high esteem I consider them chosen family members – is Nicolette Maroulis. Nico and I met recently while I was working […]

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Shocked at the loss of a wonderful mentor, client, and friend

I was shocked and saddened today to learn of the loss of someone special in my life. Ananda Zaren was a gifted healer and homeopathic educator that I met in 1994 in Santa Barbara when she hired me to decorate the beautiful contemporary mansion she had just purchased.  She was effervescent, with a vitality and passion for her work that I’ve only found in similarly gifted people in various walks of life.  Ananda was a perfect example of one who had found her soul’s purpose. […]

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