Initiations of another kind

Most shamans would answer when asked how they knew they were healers that, “We are called by the spirits.” And if you ask a Peruvian holy man or woman how they were selected they’d tell you of being struck by lightening. I’ve certainly survived being struck by metaphorical lightening – more than once. Yet no one was more surprised than I was when I ended up on the receiving end […]

Enter the black dog

As anyone who knows me, follows me on Twitter or is connected on Facebook knows, a couple of years ago The Magnificent Beast, a gorgeous […]

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On pumpkin spice lattes, automatic weapons and the sale of cigarettes

What do pumpkin spice lattes, the right to carry a gun, and a store’s decision to stop selling cigarettes have to do with each other? Social media is all abuzz with these three topics this week. They’re all hot buttons in our public conversations, our collective story…our narrative, if you will. And they have a powerful principle in common. […]

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Building a strong brand for your business

Are you as sick of hearing about branding in medical and wellness marketing as we are? Let’s take a look at what a “brand” is [...]

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Like a horse to the barn

I want to mark this day. I’m currently in the process of embarking on a whole new kind of life, one focused on me and mostly me alone, with more time to do the many things I’ve always dreamed of. And more time to work on my book about White Horse Medicine. I’m becoming an empty nester. […]

Childhood hints at the Aspergers label

As I described in yesterday’s post, I recently came to understand that I have lived with undiagnosed Aspergers Syndrome for 51 years. One of the first things people in the Autism community ask, especially as so many of us are arriving at the diagnosis as adults, is “Were you diagnosed or did you self-diagnose?” […]

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What’s in a label?

This post was prompted by a recently discovered personal “label” after a half century of living without it.  I’m not a huge fan of labels – whether for my fellow human beings or for myself. And yet sometimes they’re extremely helpful, even necessary. When it comes to my health I’ve experienced that time after time when I could identify what was causing symptoms or dis-ease in my life I could rather quickly get better. So I’ve […]

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The importance of a sound business strategy

I hear it all the time. "What the heck is strategic planning? I just want a beautiful website." Take my word for it, I've been [...]

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Green smoothies: Easiest morning gift to yourself ever

Self-care is all about taking responsibility for your health. One of the easiest ways to do this is to eat healthy, yet who does all the time? I’ve talked about my morning smoothies so much lately that friends have begun asking me my recipe. This is truly the easiest, simplest way to start your day right. Even better, it’s a no brainer way […]

When tragedy strikes

Anyone who is familiar with the popular music festival SXSW knows that tragedy struck my community this week. Not only is SXSW a city-wide celebration, I’ve participated professionally – both on the interactive side as a subject matter expert, and as the “momager” of an emerging hip hop artist who is performing this year. So this hurt hits close to home. This sad event comes right on the heels of an awful case for one of my patient advocacy clients. […]