Decolonize yourself – Part 2

When I began writing about colonization a few days ago and again here, I realized that a desire to live a decolonized life is the thread that [...]

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Colonization: An unholy alliance between money and power

I thought #DecolonizeYourself would be a two-part series. Now that I've realized decolonization is part of my own larger story, and something we all must [...]

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Decolonize yourself

I'm still vacillating between outraged anger and paralysis these days. If I stay remain awake and pay any attention at all to our world then it [...]

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Coming out of hibernation

I've been quiet in the blogosphere for quite a long time. It's not like me. I usually have so much to say. And I've composed so [...]

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Living sacred out loud: The gift of perfect synchronicity for starting fresh

As an expression of my complete acceptance that for the past several months, years really, it seems I've been combining my business consulting and the shamanic spiritual [...]

A new business model: Calling home all the pieces of my soul

After several months of being offline, my new website - a combination of what were separate personal and business websites - has a fresh new [...]

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Seton Cove Lunch Hour – Andean Mysticism

Is it possible to restore life balance over lunch? Seton Cove, the Spirituality Center for the Seton Healthcare family would like to think that mindful changes can happen in small moments, so why not at lunch? Simple, rejuvenating practices will be shared and discussed with ample opportunity to practice. […]

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To disclose or not to disclose: why I sometimes hate labels

For the first time in my life I’m writing a blog post that I am dreading even as I type. As I sit here thinking about the topic on my mind I’d rather get up and do ANYTHING than finish this post. I forge on as an exercise in self discipline. I’ve had labels, privacy, and disclosure on my mind for the past couple of weeks. It’s interesting to think that after jealously guarding my privacy about limitations that have been a part of my life since a the Big Bang, a spinal cord injury in 1985, I’ve decided to haul out the Americans with Disabilities Act to enforce my rights for the first time ever. Once again, as he has been in the past, Hank the Tank has been the catalyst for my contemplation. This time on the fine art of labeling ourselves. […]

Self Care 101 and Mind-Body classes scheduled

Spring 2015 classes have been scheduled, now using the Meetup platform for simple RSVP and sharing purposes. The Radical Wellness group will include a weekly topical presentation along with a shamanic meditation and talking circle. Self Care 101 – Tired? Depressed? In Pain? Are you working with modern medicine and find you still need more to get through the week between appointments? Or has modern medicine completely failed you? This basic repeating class will cover […]

Springing forward with new classes

It’s taken a couple of weeks but I think I’m FINALLY adjusting to the spring time change. My body and internal clock have fought it kicking and screaming and I think we’ve finally worked out a deal so I can get some sleep! After several years of writing, working, and dreaming, I’m thrilled to announce that White Horse Medicine is going to flower fully with the spring roses. As I’m winding down my 15-year communication practice over the next few months, my dream to share mindfulness, the healing power of story and the arts, and energy medicine […]