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A healer, teacher, and professional communicator, Allison Peacock's passions for nature and neuroscience inform her teaching and writing on the topics of Earth-honoring spirituality, personal and system wellness, and empowered business.

LIVESTRONG Challenge 2010 report: lessons learned on the road

It was a really special part of my cycling year to finally ride my first LIVESTRONG Challenge this past weekend after having to sit out last year and settle for photographing the event. This year I was able to ride thinking about the wonderful people in my life who had tragically been affected by cancer.  Every mile of the 45 miles that I rode was ridden thinking about each of them. Laura, Buddy, and Helen, three dear friends lost to cancer, were memorialized […]

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The choice between surviving and thriving: we all have it

If you keep telling the same small story you’ll keep getting the same small life.    –  Jean Houston Every once in a blue moon someone comes along that we know has crossed our path for a reason. One of the recent additions to my own roster of these kind of people – those that I hold in such high esteem I consider them chosen family members – is Nicolette Maroulis. Nico and I met recently while I was working […]

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Shocked at the loss of a wonderful mentor, client, and friend

I was shocked and saddened today to learn of the loss of someone special in my life. Ananda Zaren was a gifted healer and homeopathic educator that I met in 1994 in Santa Barbara when she hired me to decorate the beautiful contemporary mansion she had just purchased.  She was effervescent, with a vitality and passion for her work that I’ve only found in similarly gifted people in various walks of life.  Ananda was a perfect example of one who had found her soul’s purpose. […]

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Ace the Wonder Dog

A couple of years ago I began emailing frequently with a new internet friend, a young woman from Egypt who is very close to her animals and wanted to learn to better communicate with them. Several of us were learning the art of deep mindfulness around our animals and reading an astounding little book called Kinship with All Life, a classic for animals lovers written decades ago. Though we had only previously talked about our horses, one day my new friend told me that she sensed that I had a dog that had something very important to tell me.  I had three dogs at the time, so she described the one in question using her limited English as “light chestnut” – exactly what his color would be called if he were a horse – and then proceeded to describe clearly what I recognized as my golden retriever’s personality. […]

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Thankful for the torchbearers: How I knew I wasn’t crazy

This is the second part of a two part post about being a highly intuitive person with an equally strong rational mind and how that’s helped me heal.  If you haven’t read the first part, please start here. To say simply that working with Dr. Norm Shealy changed my life is an understatement that defies an easy explanation. The moment I read in intuition pioneer Carolyn Myss’s books in the late 1990’s of her neurosurgeon partner I knew he held the keys for me. Incomplete spinal cord injury was so rare at that time. It had been following my intuition […]

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The Big Bang and why I talk to “angels”

One day I’ll write more about the use of intuition in healing. So let me start by telling you my story and how it’s helped me thrive in spite of some pretty big challenges. My atunement to the subject of multi-sensory perception goes back to childhood. Though not talked about much, it runs in the family, actually. My grandfather was a physician who often “knew” what was wrong […]

I am Mother.

I AM MOTHER who grows dreams in my belly From my blood drinks the Tree of Life Rooted in heaven until the birth quake Splits me open in revelation and relief And I awake from the nightmare of separation. When I was a young, like most little girls I was often asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Although I had myriad answers depending on the vogue at the time: ballerina, gymnast, photojournalist (yes, I actually said this in a paper I wrote once) the unequivocal primary answer was, “I just want to be a mother.” And I am.  It’s essential to my being. Like a lot of mothers who write, when stories […]