Allison Peacock’s passion is inspiring
authentic power, both personal & business.

“I’ve mediated between the three worlds all my life.” 

Long before I became a shaman and ceremonialist I moved between the worlds. First in my business, soon in healing from paralysis when doctors couldn’t tell me how, and always, in my relationships.

From the upper world or heavens, the Hanaq Pacha in Quechua – I’ve envisioned a life or goal and brought it forth. We all do this. And I’ve done this for others in business for 30 years. I love facilitating the manifestation of visions. Especially that which a client can only feel deep down, but not yet truly describe.

In this world, the Kay Pacha, I use my skills – design, communication, coaching, strategizing, healing – to facilitate the manifestation of form. This is the perceptible world inhabited by people, animals, plants, businesses, and creations of all sorts.

And from the world below, or Ukhu Pacha, I call forth ancestral support or name and send away negative influences from the past which impede progress in the here and now.

You see, our visions for what we want to create in this world, be it a business goal, health, or happy relationship, are often impacted by the struggle between the Hanaq Pacha and the Ukhu Pacha. Wounds or missing pieces from the past can sometimes strangle our ability to create in the present from our inspired visions. That’s where being able to inhabit and work in all three comes in handy, don’t you think?

About Allison

Allison Peacock is a healer, teacher, and professional communicator. Her passions for nature and neuroscience, as well as her background in self-care, inform her teaching and writing on the topics of Earth-honoring spirituality and empowered healthcare. 

She is part of a modern day shamanic resurgence being passed on unselfishly and with purpose from remote indigenous healers to a new wave of 21st century medicine people working in cities and towns across the globe.

When not communing with animals, plants and rocks Allison communicates professionally for diverse clients – from entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies through her consultancy, Peacock Omnimedia.

My Story

So how do wellness, shamanism, and business development all come together on one website? Well, for 30 years both my career in business and my personal healing journey have sown the seeds for this time in my life when I’m at last able to more fully serve my heartfelt mission – to empower others, both in health and in business. And that involves bringing everything I know to the table.

My lifelong advocacy of the integrative or holistic path was shaped when I walked out of Houston’s Methodist hospital changed forever in 1985 shortly after starting my first business at the tender age of 22. While recuperating from lifesaving neurosurgery and a near death experience I was told I might never walk again – and that I should learn to use a wheelchair. Armed with the awareness of a loving spiritual presence guiding me, I surprised my doctors and family alike when I rejected this philosophy and limped out of the hospital just two weeks later on a walker.

I credit my dramatic healing to the combination of modern science with matters of the spirit long before there was even a name for it. Beginning in that hospital bed and continuing to this day, combining the best of modern medical science with the spiritual techniques that I was gifted with intuitively has yielded the most dramatic results. Those techniques today would be called “energy medicine” and there is a whole body of research that demonstrates its efficacy thanks to what we now know about the brain.

As a complex patient ahead of the medical system in which I sought care, I had to become my own expert to find balance after an incomplete spinal cord injury. Chronic pain and PTSD were my teachers. Motherhood and relationship with nature have always been closest to my heart…my spiritual paths. And my intuition is my most reliable tool. With this philosophy, I’ve been blessed to mostly thrive as an entrepreneur for the past three decades. in spite of the myriad health effects of both incomplete spinal cord injury and hospital-based trauma.

“Inspiring and encouraging personal and system transformation as an advocate, facilitator, and sacred witness is my purpose.”

With the recent explosion of integrative medicine and broader acceptance of modalities considered fringe in 1985, I’ve learned the science behind the techniques I was shown intuitively all those decades ago. I’ve been blessed to both study with and personally consult with with some amazing mentors and teachers – many of them true healers. In addition to the Shealy Protocols, guided meditation, and narrative medicine, I’m a reiki master and have used that modality for almost 20 years.

A 2012 course on narrative and the brain heavily influenced my decision once and for all to focus less on simple business whispering and more on working with the metaphors inherent in indigenous earth-honoring wisdom and energy medicine to help others pave the way to better health. I also participated in a 2013 Harvard Medical School Continuing Education course on achieving leadership and improved outcomes in healthcare through publishing.

Initiated into the Andean healing traditions of the Q’ero, an indigenous people of Peru, I’m spiritually connected by my medicine bundle to an ancient lineage of Inka healers. I’ve received many rites of initiation in the p’aqokuna tradition. And you know what? My love of (obsession, really, if I’m honest) animals, plants and rocks going all the way back to my East Texas childhood makes perfectly good sense now!

A mother of four grown children, I have come to adore life as an empty nester. Living near downtown Austin just blocks from Zilker Park, it feels as if every day is a vacation…and life is limitless and abundant. And this is a feeling I love sharing with others!