A season for all things: hitting the pause button

A season for all things: hitting the pause button

I’ve been remiss. Taking the summer and back-to-school rush periods off of blogging, I should have left a ‘Gone Fishin’ image earlier this summer. Apparently I’ve been casting well, as I’ve reeled in some interesting things over the past few months.

Wonderful things are brewing in my life and in my work. And there have been big challenges as well. Recognizing that there is a season for all things I know I’ll be back to writing and blogging soon. In the meantime enjoy the amazing fall weather and coming time of hibernation for us all.

Reflecting on life and work as the leaves fall and temperatures cool is always a joy in some ways for me; yet it can be hard in other ways for those of us with type-A drives. I have to constantly give myself permission to take my attention from “out there” and the endless list of things that need to be done.

I’ll try to do it gracefully if you will! Deal?


Photo :: Beautiful fall reflections photo is from Wallpapers Wide. Gone Fishin sign is from Shutterstock.

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