A New Story: Why medical and wellness?

There’s a medical renaissance sweeping the country. The practice of medicine is being redefined. Self-care and personal responsibility for outcomes are more important than ever. And information about our health is available at our fingertips thanks to the internet and new technologies. Smart practitioners and their patients are tapping into these changes.

In spite of system-wide upheaval and the resulting stress to many on both sides of the stethoscope, this is a very exciting time for medicine and for inspiring healthy lifestyles. We’ve expanded our minds and our stories about wellness to include areas beyond chemistry and biology. The work now is to bring together all of the tools we have and effect a change in our healthcare institutions and clinical models. It can be done – starting one practice and one patient at a time.

When I’m not hard at work for Peacock Omnimedia clients, I’m a self-care expert, healer, and teacher of indigenous wisdom. A lifelong evangelist of truly healthy living and integrative medicine, I believe we must all share our stories and our subject matter expertise effectively to light the surest path to better outcomes for both patient and practitioner.

After surviving a life threatening illness decades ago I’ve depended on medical options from both conventional and so-called complimentary schools of thought in order to get and stay well. Today these are being integrated into a whole new way of practicing medicine that looks deeper at the individual patient, incorporates lifestyle factors, and relies on the tools of digital technology, as well as on educating and inspiring patients.

In my own wellness journey I’ve crossed paths with, consulted personally, or been influenced by medical and wellness pioneers like Deepak ChopraNorm ShealyCarolyn MyssLewis Mehl-Medrona, Ananda Zaren, David Cheek, Janine Parvati Baker, Robert Leichtman and others, beginning as early as 1990. What this list of pioneering practitioners shares with me is that we all envision a model for addressing mind, body, and spirit in effective, patient-centered clinical delivery models. People like Andrew Weil at University of Arizona, and Larry Burk and his colleagues at Duke University are making it happen.

Now – we have patients, peers, and colleagues to inspire and educate!

It’s just good business that Peacock Omnimedia is focused exclusively on adding value to the work of other thought leaders in the medical and wellness fields. Together we can change medicine and create better outcomes.

With this whole new focus in 2014 on supporting a paradigm shift in medicine, Peacock Omnimedia continues what it’s done for more than 10 years: elevating voices, adding value to dynamic brands, and achieving strategic goals for clients.

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About the Author:

Allison Peacock is a Spiritual Wellness Practitioner and the Practice Manager at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine. A mind-body medicine expert for more than three decades, she is a passionate teacher of Integrative Medicine approaches, including self-care, building resilience, spiritual transformation, self-regulation and Earth-honoring spirituality.

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