After several months of being offline, my new website – a combination of what were separate personal and business websites – has a fresh new flavor and so does my business. It’s the result of wrapping up all of my skills, experience, and spiritual gifts into one unique business model.

Transformation. This has been my subject matter expertise for decades and now I’m hanging out a new shingle. Whether you’re an individual or a business owner with a team of people to lead, if you desire increased clarity, increased results, and increased passion in your life or business, I’m your *girl.

The past few years since becoming an empty nester have brought heaps of personal transformation and hints at the fulfillment of life-long dreams to bring all my skills and experience to the world, even the ones that have remained mostly hidden to anyone other than those closest to me.

As I sit here in my hotel room on a Friday night which is marked by chaos all around me – a hurricane hitting the East coast and mind boggling election chatter in the media – I’m completely at peace. I’ve just wrapped up a much needed wellness retreat after completing a year-long project for a dear client. And wouldn’t you know, that so-called personal retreat ended with my making plans with a soul buddy and his new partner to collaborate in business.

Suffice it to say, I will gracefully accept the winks from Divine Order that it is no longer a “some day” dream that all of the expertise I’ve built up over the past 30 years fits together into one holistic consultancy. It’s now. The world must be ready for it.

Personal Shaman/Priestess/Teacher of things that light me up? Sure. Now Business Shaman? Why not!

As the focus of this week’s personal retreat, I turned to one of my favorite mentors and a trusted medical advisor, neurosurgeon Norm Shealy to further heal from the lingering effects of spinal surgery in December. After an otherwise successful surgery I was left with rampant neuropathy, compromised mobility, and coordination problems due to aggravation of a previously compromised nerve in my left leg and foot. In a full circle moment my trip was wrapped up with talks of a business collaboration – a really clear punctuation mark on both a future hypnotic progression we did as a part of my healing process, and a many years long intuitive insight whose time has fully come.

For someone whose physical ailment is a pretty darn clear metaphor for moving forward in life this feels absolutely great.


It’s hard not to laugh about conquering pain and devising a new business model all in one week. (Okay, so really, Norm had just tickled me as we were snapping this photo. Check out his Cat-That-Just-Ate-The-Canary grin for proof!)

And in true holistic fashion, before boarding my plane home to Austin, I held a shamanic ceremony and ritual blessing this morning for a newly hatched collaboration with Norm’s new partner Dr. Sergey Sorin, who is a reiki master and energy medicine maestro in addition to being a conventional medical doctor. After meeting for the first time this week, we discovered an immediate mutual rapport and shared mission in holistic business.

Love me, love my shaman’s rattle.

Next up? The Q’ero elder and wisdomkeeper for my Peruvian shamanic healing lineage will be in the U.S. later this month. I’ve been looking forward all year to a chance to spend more time with don Mariano and interview him for additional writing projects.

So, as I posted on Instagram this afternoon, “there be games afoot.” Watch out, 2017!

Photo :: A spectacular cave just blocks from my Springfield, MO hotel room, site of this morning’s shamanic ceremony for a new business collaboration. (Personal iPhone photo)


(*Yes, I’m a feminist. And, no, in spite of something I saw on Facebook today, now into my second half-century walking this earth, I reserve the right to call myself a “girl.” You don’t have to like it. Get off my lawn!)