40 quick energy tips

Along with good health, energy is one of the most precious commodities we have. And they are inextricably linked. Here is a list of 40 ways to naturally improve your energy level.

Keep this list handy throughout the week in order to help yourself make small changes that will promote top notch mental, emotional and physical wellness.

  1. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.
  2. Reduce saturated fat intake.
  3. Eliminate sugar from your diet.
  4. Don’t eat when you’re stressed.
  5. Don’t rush eating or eat on the run.
  6. Don’t skip meals.
  7. Don’t overeat.
  8. Eat small, healthy snacks between meals.
  9. Avoid highly seasoned food.
  10. Supplement your diet with complex B Vitamins.
  11. Walk around the block.
  12. Watch less TV.
  13. Spend time in the sunshine daily.
  14. Get a full night’s sleep.
  15. Lightly steam some veggies.
  16. Bake rather than fry when cooking.
  17. Eat your salad last.
  18. Exchange coffee for herb or green teas.
  19. Eat fruits early in the day, proteins at night..
  20. Eliminate processed foods in your diet.
  21. Snack on fresh fruit at work.
  22. Know and honor your food sensitivities.
  23. No carbohydrates before bedtime.
  24. Choose raw nuts, not roasted.
  25. Don’t skip breakfast.
  26. Do a liver cleanse once a quarter.
  27. Consider fasting, with your doctor’s oversight.
  28. Take up a new activity or hobby.
  29. Learn to say no – and do it!
  30. Stop apologizing (unless you’ve done something REALLY wrong.)
  31. Find the hidden opportunity in life’s challenges.
  32. Learn a new skill.
  33. Eliminate the ANTS. Stop Automatic Negative Talk.
  34. Take the stairs.
  35. Take time for yourself: Get a massage or pedicure.
  36. Park far away, and walk farther.
  37. Have more sex!
  38. Dump the fast food!
  39. Banish sodas from your home.
  40. Start a mindfulness practice – just 10 minutes daily.

There you have it. Now get to it. No excuses!

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About the Author:

Allison Peacock is a Spiritual Wellness Practitioner and the Practice Manager at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine. A mind-body medicine expert for more than three decades, she is a passionate teacher of Integrative Medicine approaches, including self-care, building resilience, spiritual transformation, self-regulation and Earth-honoring spirituality.

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