Wellness + Ancient Wisdom + Business Development

bigstock-Beautiful-flower-SMThis space contains a unique blend of all that I love about this beautiful world.

I started my first business consulting for other businesses at the age of 22. Thirty years later I’ve left the business-as-usual world with a bang after a stint with a Fortune 100 company.

I’ve also trained extensively in self care and wellness for 3 decades in order to stay well after a catastrophic health crisis. And I’ve worked with spiritual energies and guides my whole life, eventually becoming an initiated earth-keeping shaman/priestess in 2014.

At long last, I’ve brought these two parts of my soul together to walk the path of the modern day wise woman for both individuals and systems – such as businesses.

Bring passion and clarity to your mission.

Join me in creating authentic, loving power in all that you do, both at home and at work!


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